Thursday, January 14, 2016

State of the mailbox

No nuts today, as of 8:20 am.

If you are curious about this mailbox, here are some more views. 

It is a newish mailbox.  We replaced the falling apart, plastic box, strapped to the fence mailbox, that was there when we bought the house, a few years ago.  I think the nuts started arriving after the mailbox was replaced, but honestly, the old box was so ratty I might have missed something like a nut.  

There are no obvious large holes in the box for something like a mouse or chipmunk to get through.  The largest things I've seen in the box are spiders and ants.  In fact an entire colony of ants moved in last summer--maybe looking to live off the occasional nut.  I got tired of shaking ants out of my mail, so I finally cleaned the box out with some bleach bathroom spray--that seemed to do the trick.  

Could a squirrel be storing snacks in my mailbox?  

The squirrels around here do seems smart enough to unlatch the mailbox.  The box is held closed with a magnetic clip.  But I've never seen any squirrels sitting on/opening my mailbox or any others in the area.  

But . . .
These peanuts do seem to look like the kind you might find in fancy mixed bird food.  They are not the salted peanuts you might find in a can or at the neighborhood bar.  

So, the mystery continues.

Anyone else find odd things in their mailbox?

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