Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Introduction to a nut

Some of you know me as a knitter (  Some of you know me as your sister (waves).  Some of you might not know me at all.  Who is this crazy person posting photos of their mailbox?

I have lived in my home, in a semi-rural suburb, north of Boston for over 10 years.  Over the past few years I have been finding a nut, or two in my mailbox.  I've asked my neighbors about this--they think I'm a bit nutty.  No one seems to know where these nuts come from.  And no one else seems to be finding them in their mailbox.  My sisters suggested documenting the mailbox findings--so here I am.

This morning I was running late.  I forgot to set the alarm on my phone last night (yes, I should have a M-F alarm set, but I don't).  I woke up at 7:52 am and jumped out of bed.  I found the 5 yr old still in pjs, playing with legos.  My husband and 12 yr old were doing their own thing.  I got lunch and breakfast and clothing all set and we made it to the bus stop on time.  Phew, aerobic exercise for the day--check.

On the way back up the hill to my house I checked the mailbox.  I know that the mail carrier usually arrives around 11 am, but I can't help but check the box if I walk past.  Sometimes neighbors leave stuff for each other in their mailbox or maybe I missed something sticking my mittened hand, out of my car, into box while it was pitch black last night.  The image you see is the nut that I found in my box.

This did not surprise me much.  Every so often, sometimes daily, sometimes not for weeks, for quite a while now (years, I think) there will be a nut in the front right corner of my box--sometimes two.  I took the nut and tossed it in the woods, but not before snapping a photo to share with my sisters--and now with you.

I'll post the nuts here, as they arrive in my mailbox, for all to see.



  1. This made me laugh!!! Can't wait to see if anyone else has been nutted!

  2. Never thought I would find a peanut so intriguing but I do! Keep us posted on any new activity!

  3. haha! how intriguing!? any theories?