Wednesday, March 16, 2016


We missed the school bus this morning so I did not do my customary morning check of the mailbox, but I know that yesterday there was no nut in my mailbox. I was out and about this morning, and when I returned around 11am the mail truck was just in front of me.  I saw the mail carrier open my mailbox, and about 15 seconds later toss in my mail, then drive off.  I did not see any time spent placing a nut, just so, into the mailbox.

I didn't stop to get the mail right away because I was expecting a call from my sister.  I didn't end up grabbing the mail until I went to meet the bus coming home--and there I found a nut.

The only other event today--Big Brothers Big Sisters did a pick up, and I had my donations out near the mailbox.  Could BBBS be the culprit?  I may need to track their pick up days in my town. hmmmmmmmm

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